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Do Lectures and Contagious / Unique Internship

by Contagious Team

Opportunity to join our editorial team, then report back from the Do Lectures

We are excited to announce an internship opportunity in partnership with the Do Lectures. The Do Lectures are a unique ideas festival, hosted at a remote and stunning eco campsite on Wales' west coast. Over four days, attendees gather to listen to 20 speakers on a diverse range of topics -- all aimed at getting the audience thinking and doing. This year is all about the 'Start-Up', and the attendees are going to create a start-up in 72 hours, from idea to launch. Aside from the twenty talks, the Do team schedule twenty workshops and have organised forty Facetime mentors -- all fuelled by local food, ales and intimate live gigs.
Contagious and Do are looking for a bright, young and talented individual to intern with Contagious' London team for five weeks, before they head over to Wales in April to report back from the ground at this year's startup-focussed ideas festival.
We are hoping to hear from some recent graduates with experience in writing, an avid interest in new technologies, communication and consumer culture. He or she will join our editorial team for five weeks where they can learn, listen, discuss and write as part of the team here, before they hit the ground running at the Do Lectures, where they'll be writing blog posts, interviews and reviews throughout the event. 
The selected intern will benefit from attending and reporting on one of the top ideas festivals in the world as well as working with our very own award-winning publication and consultancy. 

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Closing date for applications: 15 February.