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The Contagious Cannes Seminar / Better with the Brand

by Contagious Team

Contagious returns to the Theatre Debussy stage for a seminar exploring the redefinition of 'brand value'

Those of you who have ever ordered a club sandwich in the Carlton will know that 'value' is hardly a word synonymous with Cannes. Ludicrously-priced Croisette snacks aside, however, the marketing industry has undoubtedly been experiencing a fundamental shift in mindset, driven by the fact that today's hyper-connected consumers simply expect more in return from those brands they choose to invest time, money or data with.

It is precisely this 'more' that Contagious will be picking apart by examining case studies from across the globe - from retail in Brazil to condoms in Singapore -  in an effort to explore the most useful, innovative and ultimately generous ways in which brands are now co-creating value with their customers.

We'll be looking at how lasting relationships are being prioritised over one-off transactions; the urge to create value in society, not just shareholdings as well as the word 'social' being used to define business models, not just media strategies. Put simply, it's about the brand no longer being a badge worn by a company, but rather an interface through which the lives of real people can be made better.

This is also the first time that Contagious will be flying solo in our Cannes seminar, so we'd really love your support in packing out the session. It will be taking place at 16.30 on Monday 18th in the Palais des Festivals, in the Debussy Theatre. Plenty of time to get up and scoff a few of those club sandwiches beforehand then...

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Contagious Team