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Real-Time Marketing / New Contagious Special Report

by Contagious Team

From branding to business processes, this new report from Contagious explores the opportunities of real-time media for start-ups, SMEs and multinationals alike

Online communities are active around the clock, with people contributing to newsfeeds, tweeting (155 million times a day, on average), watching live video streams, checking in at real locations and sharing rich media from work, at home and on the go. 

This state of 'always on' is offering brands a wealth of opportunities to engage with their audiences, freeing them from the shackles of traditional media schedules and allowing them to monitor and respond instantly and effectively.

When you consider the loyalty created by every swiftly resolved customer problem; the excitement generated by an audience watching events occurring at that very second; and the financial ramifications of a business process accurately sensitive to the tiniest fluctuations; the power and potential of real-time media becomes hard to ignore.

In this new special report from Contagious, we feature case studies from all over the globe showing how real-time can help meet short-term, tactical brand objectives as well as longer-term business goals. We also explore some of the practicalities that must be considered before brands embark on real-time activity, and offer a few pointers on getting started.

This report is now available as a PDF download for £195. Head over to the Contagious shop to get your copy or contact for more information.

Report cover image: Litago, 'Let the Cows Decide', courtesy DIST creative, Oslo